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Journal Entry: Fri Jan 1, 2016, 8:57 AM

Hello my friends!

First, I wanted to wish everyone a Happy New Years! I hope that this year will be better than the last!

I also wanted to let everyone know where I was with my webpages and give you all some story previews for the upcoming update! I really hope people like what they read even though they are just small extracts from the much longer chapters. But, I wanted to let people know that I am working on my webpages and creations!

First, here is how each webpage is close to being completed, I am working on these slowly due to the fact that I am trying to keep my 4.0 grade point average in college and taking care of my mother who is very ill. Most people also did not know that I was hospitalized in the beginning of November when I had two pulmonary embolisms (one in each lung) which nearly killed me (twice in three days). I am doing much better but I am on blood thinners for at least the next four months and I have to have my blood drawn every week to make sure my levels are in the proper place.

The list includes the twenty websites that will be part of my network, The UnHoly Network; I am not waiting for all the sites to be completed before doing my big reveal but I would like the majority to be finished; out of all of my sites about 63% is completed.

Vivid-Dreams – My Main Hub for my webpages: 95% Complete
BurningHalo – My novel-in-progress: 100% Complete
Soul’s Journey – My mother’s novel-in-progress: 62% Complete
ElementalEyes – My dark fantasy comic: 97% Complete
AngelicSin – My original dark fantasy story: 79% Complete
BrokenDesires – My collection of stories I have put on hold: 79% Complete
ElementalWars – My original dark fantasy story: 36% Complete
into the ELEMENTS – My original dark fantasy story: 22% Complete
StarCrusade – My Otaku Senshi story: 78% Complete
UndyingTruth – My Final Fantasy VII story: 83% Complete
Broken – My personal page: 96% Complete
Fighting Darkness – My personal blog: 65% Complete
forever ALONE – My poetry collection: 100% Complete
Lost Love – My website dedicated to my deceased love: 70% Complete
Memories – My website dedicated to my deceased father: 70% Complete
Heart of Snow – My website dedicated to Snow Leopards: 40% Complete
Lore of Sorrow – My website dedicated to Illidan Stormrage: 37% Complete
Dreaming Hearts – My webpage dedicated to my otome game: 15% Complete
Serial Killer Database – My webpage to showcase the most evil of people: 8% Complete
Sweet Serenity – My webpage dedicated to all my characters: 34% Complete

I know a lot of people might be interested in this section because it will give you little teasers of upcoming chapters. I believe that most people know StarCrusade but I also included portions of the prologues for two of my new stories: AngelicSin and ElementalWars. I do have to warn you, these are not polished sections so there may be some errors but for the most part, you should be able to understand what I am trying to convey.

From Chapter: Dying Princess

Shakaku's eyes widened in horror as she saw Sasayaki running to aid her in her battle with The Assassin, nothing terrified Shakaku worse than thinking someone else she cared for would be harmed due to her. She shook her head vehemently at her approaching friend, momentarily taking her eyes off of her opponent, a deadly mistake on her part. The Assassin's blade struck deep into Shakaku's side, causing the Ommaran Princess to drop to her knee, a look of pure agony washing over the beautiful elf's face. The Assassin ripped the blade from Shakaku's side and sneered down at her enemy, "Stand up and face me."

From Chapter: Prologue

As the snow softly fell from the moonlit sky and onto the sleeping city of Ashe, a lone figure walked down the empty street. He enjoyed walking the streets this late at night, when he could be free with his thoughts and away from the burdens that surrounded the people. He was not originally from The Old District but the quietness that fell at night there was what he desired most. He thought back on The Great Fire that nearly destroyed the kingdom. Many did not believe that the kingdom could survive after The Great Fire but it not only survived, The New District that developed, thrived with life. 

From Chapter: Prologue

The day was swooning with the heat wafting from the desert as the sun rose to its peak in the sky. This glowing orb shone down on the lone figure who stood in front of the desolate land that was once her home; an invisible barrier was that all that stood in the way of her touching the soft sand. Even without the barrier that surrounded the Neutral Zone, she did not have any desire to return to her proper place in the Fire Kingdom, at least, not when it was still full of such seething hatred and discord.


I would love any feedback that you may have and thank you for reading this long journal! Love you all!


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