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I'm thinking about doing a huge art contest in the future ($1,000+ in cash prizes). The contest would be based on my newer stories. Would you be interested in joining or sharing with others? 

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Updates and Other Random Crap

Journal Entry: Thu Jul 2, 2015, 9:50 PM

Hello everyone!

First, I really want to thank everyone who gave me their well wishes for my surgery that happened in May. The surgery went really well, I did get a minor infection but that cleared up well but I do have a nasty eight inch scar.


In other news, I have been working really hard bringing my websites back and they will be back – sooner or later. I am waiting on a few things for the websites but as soon as I get them, I will do a big reopening. But, for those of you who are interested, I have included what each site’s update will be!


 First off, Vivid-Dreams – my central hub for all my sites – will be updated with a brand new layout. I decided to go with a very simple layout this time where all my sites can be seen on one webpages instead of clicking on a bunch of links. Everything will be separated by sections and everything will be in alphabetical order for easier navigation.


For those who do not know, :icontonyohoho: and I work on an online webcomic called ElementalEyes. I am really proud of this project because it is the first true collaboration between myself and an artist. It is also the first project where my writing is not the main focus. Yes, I know, the story behind the images are important but without the gorgeous artwork of Tonyhoho, there would be no comic to see. This site will not get a new layout but we have received some gorgeous artwork from other artists and we will also introduce a brand new soundtrack. This site is also kind of on a hiatus because we are waiting to hear back from a comic company, if we are accepted, we will have to redo the site to fit in with their guidelines.


The novels-in-progress section has been updated as well. My novel-in-progress called BurningHalo has been revitalized with an official soundtrack. I am also in the process of writing a new short story to be placed on the webpage. I only place small glimpses of the world on the site, not the actual novel, but I think it is about time that a new short story be written. This is being written between the chapters of my other stories. My mother’s novel-in-progress, Soul's Journey, will be finally released to the public. You can view the characters of her novel and read short excerpts from the novel. There will even be an official soundtrack! If you enjoy my writings, you will absolutely adore my mother’s story – she is my biggest inspiration, not only as a woman, but as a writer!


The stories is probably the section that has been updated the most and it is probably the section that most people are interested in. Almost everything in this section has been updated. The first thing that most will notice is that there are two new stories and they are both completely original. The first story in the section is AngelicSin. Since so many of my stories revolve around already created worlds, namely anime, I wanted to create a story from scratch and AngelicSin is the outcome. It is a dark fantasy story with violence and sex so please be aware of this when visiting. Since this is a new story, everything on the website is unique to the visitor. It hosts a small but growing image gallery and an official soundtrack. It will open with two chapters to be read. Due to the fact that I have created stories that I cannot possibly finish right now, I decided to create a webpage to showcase what I have for them and call it BrokenDesires. There are three stories: Isolation (which is my story based on Attack on Titan), MetallicAngel (which is my story based on FullMetal Alchemist), and UnWavering (my story based on S-Cry-Ed). This website will feature the chapters I have written, a small gallery for each and their own official soundtracks! ElementalWars is another new story that I have created, it is also a dark fantasy story with violence and sex so again, please be aware of this when visiting. This site will also be completely unique to visitors but it will feature a small but growing image gallery, an official soundtrack and will have two chapters to read. Now for the story that most people are probably the most interested, StarCrusade, or better known as Stars; is back and better than ever! It has a brand new layout, new images in the galleries, two new chapters to be read and an updated soundtrack! Even though there is something in this universe that is trying to keep me from completing this story (namely viruses), I am not giving up and I will finish this story! (Please read my mini rant below on this topic). The last story in this section is UndyingTruth, which is my Final Fantasy VII story. It will host a brand new layout, new images, new chapters and an updated soundtrack. This story is heave on violence and sex so please, please, please be careful when visiting!


A completely new section to my webpage is the personal section, which consists of four sites in total. The first site will be a personal page called Broken. I have been asked through the years by various people to create a personal site so they can learn more about me well… I finally caved in. I’m not sure how much new information I have included on the webpage but it does feature a beautiful soundtrack created by :iconkazaki03: The second webpage in this section is called Fighting Darkness. I decided to jump on the personal blog bandwagon where I will just write random shit and bitch about things in my life. I have not totally decided yet, but I might write all upcoming updates for my sites here as well, I’ll figure that one out later. But in the meantime, it will probably be rather dark so if you do not like that stuff, please do not visit. Forever ALONE is my poetry site and even though it is not new, there are new poems that I have placed for people to read. Most of the poetry on here have either been published or been awarded with prizes so I am quite happy with them. The last site is deeply personal webpages and it means the world to me because it helped me with my grieving process. Memories is the name and it is dedicated to my father. My father passed away unexpectedly due to a pulmonary embolism December 17th, 2014. To those who do not know, I was the closest to my father and I was very much a daddy’s girl and his death caused me to go down a deep, dark twisting pathway and I still have not found my way out of it. Sometimes I fear that I will always be lost in the darkness…


Now for my mini rant… and it will probably not have anything to do with much of you… Are Otaku Senshi dying out or is it just me? I really wanted to create a domain where other people can showcase their Otaku Senshi but I had two responses about wanting to do the project. I was even offering to make the webpages for them and help teach html so they could update on their own but still… barely any responses. I understand that there are a lot of really awesome animes out there but come on! Sailor Moon is a classic! So I really do not know how to feel about my own Otaku Senshi now, I will finish it because I am determined to, but am I just wasting my time with it?


Anyways, there you have it, an anecdote version of the updates that will happen on my webpages. I know that this is an incredibly long journal entry and I thank you for taking the time out to read it and I really hope that you decide to visit one (or many!) of my webpages when they are revealed! Much love!


ALSO: For those of you who celebrate Fourth of July, please keep your animals inside! There are a lot of cruel and disgusting people out there!


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Thank you very much watching me, Orion! :)
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I actually thought I was already watching you but apparently I wasn’t – I had to remedy that as quickly as I could ^^

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Thankage for the Watchage~! :heart::iconshaplz:
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You are very welcome!! *hugs*
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And sad... but writing is powerful!!!
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